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David Chipperfield and Aldo Rossi ,in a fascinating encounter of “Conscious Inspiration” , at King’s Cross.

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Eliinbar Sketches 2018 Aldo Rossi & David Chipperfield

Eliinbar Sketches 2018 , David Chipperfield and Aldo Rossi

I will start this post with a personal note.

Many years ago,

  Being a young architect

The late  Aldo Rossi  was one of the most fascinating and influential architects.

A small confession

I was less influenced by his buildings

Much more, by his unique sketches.

Here is an Aldo Rossi‘s sketch, for the Palazzo Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan

from the 80’s


And now, a short story about “Conscious Inspiration

A story without cynicism, a simply good story

The hotel Palazzo Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan was designed by Aldo Rossi.

In 1989 the Construction of the Palazzo Hotel was completed.

Shown in the next picture.


Almost 30 years later, I took a picture of this building, in King’s Cross mixed use redevelopment, in London

David Chipperfield Architects - EliInbar 2018

David Chipperfield Architects, One Pancras Square , 2008 – 2013. King’s Cross mixed use redevelopment, London

At first glance ,there was confusion and embarrassment

The unique formality of the building facade has flown me back 30 years.

The formal resemblance to Aldo Rossi‘s Palazzo Hotel in Fukuoka from 1989

Was conspicuous and could not be avoided.

Ostensibly, a common case of “copy paste”-

I learned a few things about the One Pancras Square


It turned out that the One Pancras Square 

Project, was planned by an architect

Known for his unique restrained and controlled style, and above all environmental sensitivity

David Chipperfield

I recommend you to read Ellis Woodman’s interesting article on the subject

To get a detailed explanation on this building, you can also visit the David Chipperfield site

I wonder what David Chipperfield thinks about “Conscious Inspiration“?

For you to judge


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