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Zaha Hadid – “Conscious Inspiration”

Posted in public buildings with tags , , , , , on July 7, 2010 by eliinbar

Zaha Hadid is known all over the world.

Her buildings are source of inspiration for architects worldwide.

This week I will publish in my blog, some examples of what I think were the sources of inspiration for Zaha Hadid.

I will also post examples of architectural offices that maybe got the inspiration from Her buildings.

My posts , will show examples of “Conscios Inspiration”

First Example of  “Conscious Inspiration” :

Zaha Hadid Architect _ Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center _ 2007

B+U Architects _  Taipei Performing Arts Center _ 2008 Competition

Steven Ma Architects , Wendy Fok Wei Yue, Domenik Stezzelec_Ephemeral Roof  Exchange _ 2010 Competition