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Zaha Hadid “Formal Inspiration”

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Here is another example of  “Conscious Inspiration”….  the” Formal  type of  Inspiration”

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Zaha Hadid Architect

 MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts

 Rome Italy 2009



JGMA (Moreno Architects)

 first ground up school

Chicago, Illinois Published 12Dec 2010



There is no doubt….

 developing the principles of the Conscious Inspiration method  is necessary,

 more than ever….


Oscar Niemeyer says…. “You need to find an original way to think and to be informed about everything daily“.

It is all here…we are  informed about everything daily….in the WEB….

As I illustrate  in my posts…. Architects are affected ….

Conscious Inspiration” is a developing method that will hopefully help the new generation of architects to cope with the abundance of architectural information.

Offering relevant tools…. will probably create the opportunity to develop quality and creative architecture….

 As Oscar Niemeyer says….create “invention Architecture



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