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Learning from Frank Gehry ….Chapter 2 His floor plan Strategy

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From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011, Frank Gehry’s floor plan Strategy

If you will be asked,

What is the most common morphological feature

in Frank Gehry‘s buildings?

Most of us will agree that they look very sculptural….

Frank Gehry’s  quotes  Sculptors and painters have inspired me with their ability to make things with their own hands.” 

Ninety-eight percent of buildings are boxes, which tells me that a lot of people are in denial. We live and work in boxes,”

In my previous post I showed how Gehry succeeds to design a sculptural building (Disney’s concert hall) and preserves its functional program.

In my next Posts I will show Gehry’s strategy, dealing with this challenge. see my sketchbook above…. 


In this post we will start our journey revealing  Frank Gehry’s floor plan Strategy with his own house, designed at 1978.

From “Stories of Houses”:   The story starts when Gehry’s wife, Berta, bought a small pink bungalow. 

Gehry decided to redesign what he considered “a dumb little house with charm“, to build around it and try “to make it more important“.

 Frank Gehry’s own house

Santa Monica, California

designed at 1978 ,View from above

Frank Gehry’s own house

Santa Monica, California

designed at 1978  ,  floor plan

 eliinbar Sketches 2011- Frank Gehry’s floor plan Strategy

What did I learn from this post? 

Gehry is very aware to the “needs” of the building ,Like once said Le Corbusier “a house is a machine for living”. 

He designs buildings with effective floor plans 

He does not give up his desire for creativity and uniqueness. 

Gehry develops tools (Codex rules), and uses his architect skills to realize his architectural vision. 


Developing tools (Codex rules) is something we can learn as a method

I can even suggest a name for this method “Conscious Inspiration”


Frank Gehry’s own house , front facade

Santa Monica, California

designed at 1978

Behind, the original house,

In front, the new sculptural addition 


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