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Are Issey Miyake’s pleats, the Inspiration Sources of Zaha Hadid ,Grimshaw and Sinclair,Knight & Merz?

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I do not often present to you the  inspirational relationship between different design areas(Fashion,Jewelry,Product Design,Design cars, etc.).

Currently I visited with my youngest son the “Geneva Motor Show”.

It was an interesting opportunity for me to examine
the sources of  inspiration of the Cars industry.

And I learned  that it happens in a similar manner  like in architecture….

I’ll write a post about it soon….

In this post I’ll check,
Are architects  inspired from the fashion world?

I apologize I did not attach a sketch….
Soon I’ll be back from my vacation.

Grimshaw Architects

Garibaldi  Exhibition Building

Milan Italy Competition won: 2006

Zaha Hadid Architects

The Burnham Pavilion, temporary pavilion to house multimedia installation

in Chicago  Published : August 2009

 Sinclair, Knight, Merz Architects

London 2012 Basketball Arena

published June 2011

Notice to the recurring themes of the three structures shown in the images above ….their fabric skins wrapped tightly around a metal frame, inspired by the fashion  industry Pleats.

In the image above a typical example of a purse inspired by the Pleats

(Clearly reflected in Grimshaw’s  Garibaldi Exhibition Building)


Issey Miyake Fashion Designer was born in Hiroshima , Japanin 1938.

Miyake’s basic tenets for making clothes has always been the idea of creating a garment from ‘one piece of cloth’,

And the exploration of the space between the human body and the cloth that covers it.

His approach to design has always been to strike a consistent balance between tradition and innovation, handcrafts and new technology.

“Minaret” Dress by Issey Miyake

Look at the image above demonstrating Issey Miyake’s Interpretation to a rad-ical but eminently practical and universal form of contemporary clothing that combines technology, functionality and beauty. 

Are Issey Miyake’s unique designs
the sources of inspiration for  
Zaha Hadid , Grimshaw Architects and Sinclair, Knight ,Merz?

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