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Jean Nouvel and square number 9

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Earlier this week I shared with you a typical page from my sketch book

From  Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 = a “Conscious Inspiration” Tool

I was asked ….what was your inspiration source for this project?

And my answer was…. number 9

The next image is the enlargement of  square number 9

From my Sketch book shown above

 It is a sketch of a floor-plan of a familiar building  in Paris

Can you guess which building It is?


And these are typical Floor Plans of Jean Nouvel’s Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris….

 Jean Nouvel’s Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris…. is

My Inspiration Source


Why did I choose the Institute du monde Arabe to be my Inspiration Source?

First I will share with you two main and unique characteristics of my project described in my  sketch – book above.

1. It is located at the edge of an urban block.

2. Its main façade, reference to a very large urban space.

What are the unique architectural characteristics of the Institute du monde Arabe building?

 1. It is located at the Edge of a typical Parisian urban block like it is shown in the next sketch

Notice the Institute du Monde Arabe unique curving façade that emphasize the edge of the urban block 

2. The Institute du monde Arabe main facade is very well observed from the Seine River (large urban space) as it is shown in the next Image

 Notice Jean Nouvel’s choice of  materials, the shiny and sealed glass for the foreground of the building  and the transparent glass for the rear of the building


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