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What is common between “conscious inspiration”and the car industry? Ask the manufacturers of Aston Martin, Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Lexus, Audi, Hyundai, Subaru, Opel, Mercedes, Mini cooper, Honda and who not….

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Recently I had the occasion to visit with my younger son ,who is a big fond of cars…. the motor show in Geneva.

Here is a short story about “conscious Inspiration” in the motor industry…. 

The source of pride and identify in the car industry, is each firm unique front grill.

Most of you probably recognize the BMW’s cars front unique grill, shown in the picture below?

Here is a picture of the Aston Martin DB5 (1963) front grill. 


And this is ,Sean Connery, the known film actor ,next to the Aston Martin DB5 in the James Bond’s film Goldfinger, from 1964

James Bond’s movie ,Goldfinger, Made the Aston Martin DB5 famous and very much admired by James Bond’s fans and many others. 

Now 46 years later (2010) Aston Martin Presents the model of the new Aston Martin Rapide .shown in the next image


And this is the new design for the Ford‘s next-generation Mondeo 2013


Look at both cars front grill ….Do you see the not so “Conscious Inspiration effect”?

 Eliinbar sketches 2012 – Conscious Inspiration


And to make the story complete….,
Here are some more examples of cars who get their inspiration from the Aston Martin DB5 (1963

I call this inspiration phenomenon “Conscious inspiration Light”

Part of the pictures were taken with my Iphone, in the Geneva motor show

Peugeot 407-2004

 Audi A6 Latest Evolution Sedan Car-2012


Lexus LF-Gh concept

Ford  Fiesta 2012


Mini cooper 2012

 Hyundai ix35


Subaru B4 2013

Citroën Metropolis Concept


Lexus concept 2012

Eliinbar Sketches 2012 – “Conscious Inspiration light”



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Mercedes-Benz,BMW and Porsche , architectural statement.

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Recently I had the occasion to visit three new museums in southern Germany.

The museums show the history of three car manufacturers in Germany, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW.
The design of the three museums reflects current architectural trends.
It will be interesting to trace the sources of their inspiration…. I’ll introduce you my thoughts,  in future posts.


My younger son who accompanied me , is a big fond of cars
and recently showing troubling signs that he is also interested in architecture…..

Here is his reasoned summary that sums up the visit in the three museums,

Mercedes-Benz museum exterior transmit power, but the cars Display is less clear”.

Museum BMW is a box of surprises…. From the outside it looks like an old-fashioned office building, and inside display is a sequence of Surprising spaces” …. 

Porsche Museum is a contemporary structure,Its interior is designed in a manner which allows orienting. It is an experiential and fun space”.


Here are the museums pictures  (pictures were taken with Iphone)

Mercedes-Benz museum ,UN Studio Architects ,Stuttgart, Germany 2006

BMW Museum ,Atelier Brückner Architects , Munich Germany 2008


Porsche Museum, Architects – Delugan Meissl Associated Stuttgart, Germany, completed in 2008


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