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Oscar Niemeyer 1907- 2012

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Architect Oscar Niemeyer has passed away at the age of 104. 

In memory to the Last modernist architect….

I gathered some of my posts from the last two years.

Those posts show Oscar Niemeyer’s huge contribution ….

His buildings are the “Source of inspiration” for generations of talented architects…

David Chipperfield & Oscar Niemeyer & The Parthenon “Conscious Inspiration”


eliinbar Sketches 2011  -The Parthenon “Conscious Inspiration”

Oscar Niemeyer “Conscious Inspiration” 1


Eliinbar’s sketches 2011 – Oscar Niemeyer “Conscious Inspiration” 1

Oscar Niemeyer in Israel Part one


Eliinbar’s sketches 2011– Oscar Niemeyer in Israel Part one

Oscar Niemeyer in Israel part two


Eliinbar’s sketches 2011 – Oscar Niemeyer in Israel part two

Oscar Niemeyer “Joyous inspiration curves” part one


  from eliinbar’s  sketchbook 2011 -Oscar Niemeyer & SANAA

Oscar Niemeyer “Joyous inspiration curves” part two


  from eliinbar’s  sketchbook 2011 -Oscar Niemeyer “Joyous inspiration curves” part two

Oscar Niemeyer “Conscious Inspiration” 2


Eliinbar’s sketches 2011 – Oscar Niemeyer “Conscious Inspiration” 2