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What is common between Le Corbusier , Kia Sportage third generation and “Conscious Inspiration”?

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After I finished writing my last post ….

About Zaha Hadid and le Corbusier’s book “Toward an Architecture”

I was curious to know more about the automotive industry today.

I turned to the network to learn more about it….

 I came across a car, the third generation of the Kia Sportage designed in 2010 by Peter Schreyer , and recently won a number of design awards.

A calculate guess ….the third generation of the kia Sportage,was designed according to the “conscious inspiration method” ….If I may express my private opinion…. to perfection….

For you to judge….

Peter Schreyer

Is the designer of the Audi TT (1998) one of “the most influential automotive design in recent time

so he did the Audi A3, A4 and A6.

In 1993 moved to Volkswagen’s exterior design department and drew the Volkswagen’s revised Beetle

Peter Schreyer  has been lured from Volkswagen to become Kia’s chief designer in 2006

This is the  Kia Sportage designed by Peter Schreyer

Peter Schreyer 

Chief Design Officer at Kia Motors

kia Sportage Third generation  2010

Do the cars shown in the next images….are Peter Schreyer’s  inspiration sources for the kia Sportage Third generation?

The “Conscious inspiration Method” In the case of the Kia sportage, works like this….

First….It seems as if the main inspiration source was the Nissan Murano from 2005

Nissan Murano 2005

Notice in both cars the similar design strategy, emphasizing the front three dimensional, and the oblique angle of the back side windows….

Notice also the same rare metallic orange color in both cars…. Is it just a coincidence?

It is unusual…. I browsed the web …At last years I found just one car proposed with the same color ….the  Ford Edge  from 2009  

Now let’s go in to details….

look at the next image of the Volkswagen sirocco 2009

 Is the upper front grill and front flashlights of the Volkswagen sirocco the inspiration source for the front lower grill of the Kia sportage

 Volkswagen sirocco 2009

Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012Volkswagen sirocco 2009 and the Kia Sportage’s inspiration sources

And the next car is the Mitsubishi Outlander 2006

Notice the unique shape of the Mitsubishi Outlander’s 2006 side window

Do you notice any formal similarity to the Kia shportage side window?

(Look also at the image of the Nissan Murano above)

And what do you say about the similarity of the front flashlights

pulled back like tiger eyes?

Eliinbar’s sketches 2012  Mitsubishi outlander 2006 and Kia sportage’s inspiration sources

If you are interested…. there are more cars that probably can be the inspiration sources for the kia sportage, third generation

Check the Ford Edge 2009 front flashlights, and the rare of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2009



If we look deeply , there are signs for the “conscious inspiration chain

The Nissan Murano came first in 2005….then in 2006 came the Mitsubishi Outlander  and finally the kia sportage third generation in 2010….

What do you say?

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