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Steven Holl , El Lissitzky and the HORIZONTAL SKYSCRAPERS

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eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 – Steven Holl’s Inspiration Sources


In 1923–1925 El Lissitzky proposed and developed the idea of horizontal skyscrapers  

Lissitzky argued that as long as humans cannot fly, moving horizontally is natural and moving vertically is not…. 

Where there is not sufficient land for construction, a new plane created in the air at medium altitude should be preferred to an American- tower. 

These buildings, according to Lissitzky, also provided superior insulation and ventilation for their inhabitants. 

More than 80 years later (2006) Steven Holl  designe an horizontal Skyscraper. The Vanke Center in Shenzhen, China, a mixed-use building including hotel, offices, serviced apartments, and public park (2006-2009)

El Lissitzky’s proposed horizontal skyscraper 1923–1925

Steven Holl Architect horizontal skyscraper

 VANKE CENTER in Shenzhen

China  2006-2009

Eliinbar sketches 2012 Steven Holl’s Inspiration Sources?



1. In the drawing above , Steven Holl compares his horizontal skyscraper To a Typical American skyscraper.

2. I still wonder if the inspiration source for Holl’s buildings Mentioned in my sketch-book above are Actually Le Corbusier’s La Tourette Monastery…. 

3. I recommend everyone who is interested in the work of Holl, to read Lebbeus Woods post dealing with Steven Holl’s Horizontal Skyscraper.

Steven Holl’s Spatial Retaining Bars, Phoenix, 1994

Steven Holl’s American Library expansion, Berlin, 1984

Steven Holl’s  Nanjing museum of art and architecture 2011

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Le Corbusier & Tadao Ando “Conscious Inspiration”

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Tadao Ando unlike most contemporary architects did not receive any formal architectural schooling. Instead, he trained himself by reading and traveling extensively through Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Tadao Ando was studying architecture by going to see actual buildings, and reading books about them. His first interest in architecture was nourished in tadao’s 15 by buying a book of Le Corbusier sketches. “I traced the drawings of his early period so many times, that all pages turned black,” says Tadao Ando: “in my mind I quite often wonder how Le Corbusier would have thought about this project or that.


Le Corbusier Architect

 Couvent Sainte-Marie de la Tourette

Eveux-sur-l’Arbresle, France, 1953


Tadao Ando Architect 

 Omotesando Hills, a large shopping and residential development 

  Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan Completion  2006



The “conscious inspiration” Signs: 

1. Both buildings deal with horizontal layers

    (the “multi layered cake effect”)

2. Significant source of inspiration is the inner courtyard 

     building type. 

3. The Upper floors are “dependent on the hillside”. 

4. Various materials and configurations are used to 

    highlight the differences between floors.


A Tadao Ando’s quote that “explains” the intention of “Conscious Inspiration”: 

I would like my architecture to inspire people to use their own resources, to move into the future.


More information about Le Corbusier and La Tourette Monastery

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La Tourette ” Conscios Inspiration” 2

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Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar


Floor plans can be a Source of inspiration for architects.

We can call these  plans “Generating Plans” …. A floor plan which generates inspiration.

Here are Two examples of “ Conscious inspiration”.

La Tourette floor plans inspired talented architects….

1. The Wall Buildings:

La Tourette Floor Plan Level 3

Hedjuk Architect

 Wall House 2

 Gronigen , The netherlands ,1967-73

Richard Meier Architect

Museum of Contemporary Art

Barcelona , 1992-95

                             La Tourette  Eliinbar sketches 2010


Richard Alan Meier was born in 1934 in Newark New Jersey. Twenty-five years later – after graduating from Cornell University’s Architecture School, and after Cornell, working briefly for SOM – Meier decided that the best mentor he could personally select was Swiss-born architect, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. Of course, most of us know Jeanneret by the name he gave himself – ‘Le Corbusier‘ a spin on his grandfather’s name that resembled this French word for Raven.To meet the great man, Meier would need to travel to Paris. Once there, he intended to ask Le Corbusier if he could become an intern. And oh, by the way, he would make this request with an attached offer that he believed that Le Corbusier could not refuse – he would work for free.
                                                                          –Hejduk Architect _ Wall House2
Richard Meier _ Museum of Contemporary Art _ Barcelona 
John Hedjuk profound interest in the fundamental issues of shape, organization,representation, and reciprocity. He argued that the first duty of architecture is to challenge and inspire:At la Tourette Le Corbusier emphasize the hierarchy between the big prier room and small one by putting the Small  one “outside the wall” In the “Wall HouseHedjuk  employs the same  vocabulary of Le Corbusier to explore the relationship between inside and outside  , in a more extreme way than did the Swiss-French master.

2. The Multi levels Cloister Concept 

                                          La Tourette Floor Plan 1
Steven Holl Architect _ American Memorial Library _ Berlin_ Competition 1988Floor Plans

                           La Tourette  Eliinbar sketches 2010

La Tourette

Steven Holl Architect _ American Memorial Library – Model


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La Tourette – “Conscious Inspiration” 1

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Here are two examples of “conscious inspiration”  inspired  by  La Tourette:
1. “Typological inspiration”  the  focus  is on the  “Form”
2. “Practical Inspiration” The  focus  is on “functionality”.

1/“Typological inspiration”

Coop Himmelblau Architects_ High-school #9_ Los Angeles USA _ 2009

Le Corbusier Architect_ La Tourette _ France _ 1953-1960

2/  “Practical Inspiration”

In this case, the method of introducing light into the building.

Le Corbusier Architect _ La Tourette _France _ 1953-1960

Le Corbusier Architect _ La Tourette _France _  1953-1960

Peter Cook Architect _ kunsthaus _ Graz _ Austria _ 2003

Le Corbusier La Tourette Monastery

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Le Corbusier_ La Tourette Monastery _ Lyon _ France _ 1953-1957



Kallmann Mc’ Kinnell & Knowles Architects _ Boston City Hall _ Massachusetts _ USA _  1968


Arie & Eldar Sharon Architects _ Bank of Israel _ Jerusalem_ 1978-1981 


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