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Toyo Ito – “Transparent inspiration”

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Here is another interesting example of “Conscious Inspiration


Toyo Ito Architect 

 Sendai Mediatheque  –  External view

  Japan 2001 

Toyo Ito Architect

  Sendai Mediatheque  – Inside view

 Japan 2001

lacoste + Stevenson architects 

Open competition for the university of technology sydney’s (UTS) podium extension.

External view

lacoste + stevenson architects

  Open competition for the university of technology sydney’s (UTS) podium extension

Inside view . March 2010, First Prize 

“Transparent Inspiration”  elinbar Sketches 2011

The “conscious inspiration” Signs 

1. Both buildings deal with Transparency. 

    Transparent Façade allow the revelation

    of diverse activities that occur within the building.

2. The buildings are designed in a unique simplicity of elements,

    Toyo Ito defines them as plates (floors) ,

    tubes (columns) and skin (facade/exterior walls).

3. The buildings open floor-plates ensuring maximum flexibility

    of use and the continuous  activation of space. 

4. Significant source of inspiration

    for the vertical tube steel lattice columns

    that rise up from ground floor to roof,

    are tree trunks in a forest.


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