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The”Mashrabiya Envelopes” – Conscious Inspiration

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There is no point in history that can be dated as the first time they appeared; however, the earliest evidence on use of the Mashrabiya as it currently is dates back to the twelfth century in Baghdad during the Abbasid period (from 750 until 1261),

One of the major features of the Mashrabiya is for privacy, an essential aspect of Arabic culture. A good view of the street can be obtained by the occupants without being seen.

The wooden screen with open able windows gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun while allowing the cool air from the street to flow through.

On the street side, in addition to their ornamental advantage the Mashrabiya, served to provide enclosure to the street and a stronger human scale.

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An Original Mashrabiya- façade, Cairo Egypt

In this post I tried to exhibit my private notion.

The natural development of Architecture design is based on inspiration techniques (Conscious Inspiration)

(In this postThe”Mashrabiya”. is the inspiration source) 

It is rare to experience invention in architecture


Inspirational Interpretations to traditional “Mashrabiya”

The post modernism “Mashrabiya

Jean Nouvel Architect Institute du Monde Arab  1981-1987

The Neo “Calatrava -Mashrabiya

Giselbrecht + Partner ZT GmbH The Kiefer Technic Showroom Bad Gleichenberg,

Austria , published 2010

The” Lace Mashrabiya

CHN Arquitetos [Reinaldo Sigueta Nishimura, Daniel Corsi da Silva and Dani Hirano]

Exploratory Science Museum of Unicamp São Paulo,Brazil

International Competition 2009

The perforated concrete” Mashrabiya”

Elsye AlamArchitects Alam Family house Jakarta, Indonesia 2010

The perforated concrete west-facing wall acts as breathing brise-soleil; prevents overheating on building skin while filtering the abstract graphical light qualities and transforming the space throughout the day and night”.

The Concrete Pre cast  ”Mashrabiya”- the oriental style


 Israel 2002-2004


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” Mashrabiya”: