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Chicago Tribune tower Competition, 1922 and the “Conscious Inspiration Chain” 2

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Fromeliinbar’s sketchbook   Chicago Tribune  1922 “Conscios Inspiration Chain” 2

“Conscious Inspiration” is practicing and acquiring tools to improve observation and differentiation of details.

This post Is about two talented architects….

Their  sources of inspiration for a glorious career  are Probably the proposals of Adolf Loos and Walter Gropius  to the international design competition for the new Chicago Tribune office building in 1922 (see my previous Post)

Michael Graves and Richard Meier were part of the New York Five (  New York City architects).Peter EisenmanMichael GravesCharles GwathmeyJohn Hejduk and Richard Meier.

Their works were published in Museum of Modern Art exhibition in the 60’s and in a book  Five Architects  in the 70’s. 

These five had a common allegiance to a pure form of architectural modernism, harkening back to the work of Le Corbusier in the 1920s and 1930s 

At The 80’s Graves embraced postmodernism and

Meier’s buildings remain truest to the modernist aesthetic

  Walter Gropius / Adolf Meyer architects  

Chicago Tribune

Competition entry, 1922

Richard Meier Architect

redevelopment of Madison Square Garden,

competition late 1980’s

Adolf Loos architect

  Chicago Tribune

Competition entry, 1922

Michel Graves Architect

Denver Central Library

 expanded by Graves  in 1995

eliinbar Sketches 2011  the Conscious Inspiration Chain 4


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In my blog, I juxtapose examples of projects without the intention to insinuate that one architect copied from another, but rather to spur a dialog among architects.

The goal is to encourage an architectural planning process that I like to call Conscious Inspiration. 

I am obviously not the first to consider this approach:

Le Corbusier mentions in one of his books that his sources of inspiration for the Cathedral of Ron Champ was Villa Adriana at Tivoli. The French architect  Emile Aillaud describes in his writings that his source of inspiration for 3 office buildings in LA Defense (near Paris) was the Piazza Dei Miracoli  with the Tower of Pisa. Louis Kahan eventually got his inspiration  to design the  Hurva Synagogue from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and Tadao Ando traveled all over Europe to get inspired by existing buildings as a way to train  him self to become an architect..


So far, I have only scratched the surface of this concept, and I am in the beginning of this journey. I believe the journey itself may lead us architects to a more rigorous architectural planning.


Eli Inbar


Le Corbusier

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Le Corbusier _ National Museum des Beaux-Arts de L’occident _ Tokyo_1957



Micheal Graves Architect _ Hanselmann house_ Fort Wayne_ USA _ 1967