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OMA and Frank Gehry are implementing the strategy of “Pile of Boxes” On a regular basis . Today I found a new “Pile of rotated boxes” , “in my backyard”

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Eliinbar Sketches Pile of Boxes 2018 OMA ,GEHRY

Eliinbar Sketches 2018 “Pile of Boxes”

This post is number five

In a series of posts, I call “In my backyard

In which I present for your review, buildings that I found “in my backyard” and photographed them for you.

All buildings are within 60 km from home

The choice to photograph these buildings was not random

They remind me of forgotten posts

For you to judge

In 2012 I published a number of posts that documented common planning strategies Which characterized Frank Gary‘s work

One of the most prominent strategies was the “Pile of boxes

You are invited to visit my post from 2012, which documents  Frank Gary‘s strategy of the

Pile of boxes


From  Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 –Frank Gehry’s  “pile of boxes” strategy

Frank Gehry implements the strategy of the “pile of boxes ” in many of his projects

One of the most significant projects that Frank Gehry implements this strategy

Is a joint project with Mirvish.

 a mixed-use project

Three, “sculptural” residential towers

in Toronto

Published in ARCHDAILY.COM  Oct  2012


Notice to the unique morphology that characterizes the strategy of the “Pile of boxes”

To emphasize the idea of a stack of cubes, Frank Gehry rotated the top cube, in both towers.

Six years later

I photographed this building in “my backyard

Notice the unique morphology, that characterizes Frank Gehry‘s strategy, “Pile of boxes

A stack of cubes, placed one on top of each other, and the top cube is rotated.

Pile of rotaded boxes in my backyard

for you to judge



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It turns out that OMA adopted the

Strategy  of thr “Pile of boxes

Here is an example from 2013

The Interlace Apartments

Designed by OMA, Ole Scheeren



You are invited to visit my post from 2012, and learn more how OMA and Herzog de Meuron are dealing with the morphological aspect of thepile of boxes” strategy


from Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 – A-lab Architects inspiration sources



Examples of

buildings around the world

Implementing the strategy of

Pile of boxes”







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