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Zaha Hadid’s Complex Relations between “conscious inspiration” and the “arch motif”

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From Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 – Zaha Hadid And The “Arch Motif”

Zaha Hadid is undoubtedly leading the architectural trend, I like to call “Plastelina Buildings“ .

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Plastelina Buildings“ is a type of building difficult to detect  its inspiration sources.

In this post I will try to identify a Zaha Hadid‘s typical  inspiration source when she designs  “Plastelina Buildings“ .

There are a large number of well known public buildings that their main entrance is characterized by an arch….

The main entrance to the Petit Palais in Paris, shown in the image below, is a typical example

Now let’s examine Zaha Hadid’s entrance to the chengdu-contemporary-art-centre in China

shown in the image Below

Notice to the main entrance (center of the building) is emphasized by a dominant arch …. it is a similar designing approach we identified in the “Petit Palais”  in Paris

And now Observe the main entrance of the Nuragic and Contemporany Art Museum designed by Zaha Hadid , shown in the image Below.

It is also emphasized by an Impressive arch ….

And what about the Guggenheim-Hermitage-Museum arch,     designed by Zaha hadid?


And the Zaha Hadid’s Dubai-opera-house main entrance…

And The typical arched entrance of the Nordpark Cable Railway  designed by Zaha hadid

Another Arch entrance  designed by Zaha Hadid. In the Regium Waterfront project in Italy

My Meditation Corner:

How many times I got up in the morning and an Inspiring new building was in my mind?

Maybe twice….

How many times I found myself at midnight, digging in my favorite architecture books….to be inspired?

Much more….

I want to share with you a typical page from my Sketch book.

This page demonstrates my own conscious design process…. (Described on this page the design process of the entry level floor plan, of a public building)

This is my “tool “I developed over the years,  that helps me get inspired in a conscious way…. what is yours?


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Zaha Hadid & “Plastelina Buildings”

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 From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011& Zaha Hadid “Plastelina Buildings”

How about this currently popular trend?  

Plastelina Buildings 

One of the leading architects of this wave  is Zaha Hadid 

Here are some examples….

What are the sources of inspiration for this trend?  

I’ll try to find out in my next posts….

Zaha Hadid  Architect

Nuragic and Contemporany Art Museum, Cagliari, Italy 

Published 2006 


Zaha Hadid Architec with Patrik Schumacher

 Cultural Centre and Opera House in Dubai 

 published 2008 

Zaha Hadid Architect

 Regium Waterfront mixed-Use project

 published 9 February 2009

FREE Fernando Romero Enterprise

Museo Soumaya Mexico City

Completion: March 2011 after four years of development

Graham Thompson

Peace Pentagon  NY Competition

Published January – 15 – 2011

    Eliinbar sketches 2011  Zaha Hadid-“Plastelina Buildings”


My New meditation corner:

Planning is an endless dialogue ….
Between Past and Present
Between place and use
Between needs and wishes



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