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BIG- Bjarke Ingels’s Group “Mountain Strategy” or the strategy of the“Self inspiration”

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From  Eliinbar’s sketch book  2012– BIG’s “Mountain Strategy”

Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

Thanks to “A Daily Dose of Architecture “who was my inspiration for this post

I introduced in previous Posts of mine, the possibility that gifted architects multiply their architecture designs …. for example :  SANAA multiplying architecture consciously or Daniel Libeskind Cristal Buildings.

In this post I will show some examples of Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG’s, “Self inspiration” .

Mountain Strategy” = Buildings with dominant mountain morphology

I am aware that the “Mountain Strategy” is a morphology used by other architects….

Usually been used by other architects to:

1. Increase The exposure of the building to a unique view (It is common in hotels located next to the sea)

2. Increase the exposure of the building to solar radiation (Common in cold northern countries)

3. Increase the number of terraces that are attached to apartments. (Common in Mediterranean countries) 

And more ….

As I showed in  previous  post of mine

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

is a master in applying the  “Conscious inspiration method

For example…. BIG designed the “Amagerforbraending  Waste Treatment Plant” according to their very common “Mountain Strategy” ,but they added a twist ….they took advantage of the slope  …. and made use of it as a ski run …. (See The Amagerforbraending  Waste Treatment Plant shown in the next image) 

 The Amagerforbraending Waste Treatment Plant  is a good example , representing  a building designed according to  the “Conscious inspiration method”…

For you to judge….

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Amagerforbraending Waste Treatment Plant

published in Designboom 2011

More Buildings by  BIG  that are planed according to the  “Mountain Strategy”

 BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

residential, parking  garage

Ørestad, Copenhagen Completed 2008

Bjarke Ingels Group –BIG  

mixed-use building housing

Copenhagen,Denmark 2010 published in ArchDaily

Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG

Urban plan proposal for Ansan city

Project South Korea year 2010

  Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG

World Village of Women Sports  Sweden

Published –in Eco Friend 2010

Bjarke Ingels Group– BIG

Beach and Howe St.residential building Vancouver

published in Designboom  2012

Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG

Zira Island Azerbaijan

published In Interior Design  2009





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I invite you all to contribute in developing the attitude and tools towards the viability of the “Conscious Inspiration” Method.

The abundance of information in the Web affects us all, as I illustrate in my posts.

I Believe that designing is a process formed from three main phases:  knowledge, tools and invention.

Knowledge”:  as many said, and wrote before – Knowledge is the foundation for all designing processWe architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis….

“Tools” develop tools to analyze buildings and “Understand” them,  tools that will cope with the abundance of architectural information…

(I intend to demonstrate some of my ideas in future posts)

Invention”: with the methodology of “conscious Inspiration” , we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.

Be inspired consciously  from existing building, will generate a unique design process that serves our creative desires….

Once we develop our tools, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.

Eli Inbar