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In pursuit after Zaha Hadid’s inspiration Sources 3-“the interplay between architecture and nature”

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From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011,Zaha Hadid’s Inspiration Sources

In this post I present  Steven Holl’s  Sketch For Nanning – Chaina ,and Zaha Hadid;s King Abdullah II house of Culture and Art in Amman . In my future posts I will continue my journey uncovering Zaha Hadid’s Inspiration Sources.  

Zaha Hadid is today the most widely publicized and influential architect by Google test

It’s not the formal similarity, why I pose the two projects, and I don’t have the intention to insinuate that Zaha Hadid copied from another. 

My goal is to encourage the developing of “Tools” for a new architectural planning process that I call  Conscious Inspiration


     Steven Holl Architect

  Sketch For Nanning – Chaina  2002


Zaha Hadid Architect  

King Abdullah II house of Culture and Art , Amman

international  competition June 2008


Eliinbar sketches 2011, Zaha Hadid’s Inspiration Sources

Here’s some more information from Zaha Hadid Architects about  her Inspiration Sources

The architectural expression for the new performing arts centre has been inspired by the magnificent ancient city of Petra explains Zaha Hadid. “Petra is an astonishing example of the wonderful interplay between architecture and nature, as well as the intricate complexity and elegance of natural forms – the rose-colored mountain walls have been eroded, carved and polished to reveal the astonishing strata of sedimentation. We have applied these principles to articulate the public spaces within the centre, with eroded interior surfaces that extend into the public plaza in front of the building.”


Zaha Hadid is inspired by the interplay between architecture and nature

How it affect Zaha Hadid’s design?

Are ” architecture and nature”  her Inspiration Sources?


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