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Learning from Zaha Hadid and Le Corbusier or how to Get “inspired Consciously” from Inspiring “floor plans”?

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After we learned from Le Corbusier about his “Preliminary shapes strategy” (You are invited to read more about it, in my last post.)

Let’s find out what was le Corbusier’s  message ,when he wrote in his book “Towards an Architecture” in 1923 : ….Architecture is not making any Longer simple shapes”

This is the floor plans of the famous villa Savoy designed by le Corbusier in the 20s

“Villa Savoye main floor plan” – Le Corbusier  Architect

(1928-1931) In Poissy

outskirts of Paris, France.

Corbusier’s floor plan is characterized by the orthogonal arrangement,
there is a clear hierarchy between the main areas and service areas

There is an identity to the open spaces and closed areas.

It is relatively easy to identify the use of spaces and the areas for transition from space to space.

And this is a floor plan designed by Zaha Hadid’s in the 2000 s

Zaha Hadid Architects

Typical floor plan of the MAXXI Museum

Rome,Italy 1999-2009

more information in

Zaha Hadid’s floor plan is characterized by a sense of motion composition of intersecting paths, routes, and volumes in forms that are dynamic rather than static….taking inspiration from the language of highway engineering.-

Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012 – Learning from Zaha Hadid and Le Corbusier

Notice the different floor plan design approaches…. Le Corbusier Assisted by his “Preliminary shapes strategy” (left)

And Zaha Hadid’s Assisted by her “motional and fluid lines strategy” (right)


What do you say?

I believe there is a place for all the varieties of floor plans strategies…. le Corbusier’s strategy , Zaha hadid’s Strategy or any other architects strategy you choose…. 

We must recognize as many planning strategies possible.

This is our professional duty…. We are committed to improve our ability….

First….we are obliged to understand the strategy we are using…

Second….we need to develop tools how to choose and apply the right strategy for us.

In other words …. don’t be intimidated to get “inspired Consciously”…. and the focus is on Consciously there is no forgiveness for the “Copy Paste strategy“….

What did I learn from this post?

Get “inspired Consciously” from well known strategies that you sympathize with them…. it is worth the effort ….Your buildings will be much more inviting….

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That is how you will get inspired…. Learning from le corbusier’s book -“Towards an Architecture” (1923)

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From Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012 – learning from le corbusier’s book… “Towards an Architecture”

Here is what Le Corbusier has to say

About “Architectural volumes” and “Preliminary shapes” ….

The quotations are from  le Corbusier’s book “Towards an Architecture” published in 1923

Le Corbusier’s quote about  the “Architectural volumes”:   “Architecture is the smart play ,Accurate And wonderful of volumes that are connected under the light”

Silos in Canada, from Le Corbusier’s book “Towards an Architecture”

Jean Nouvel Architect

C1 tower  Boulogne-Billancourt

France 2008-2011

From Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012 – learning from le corbusier’s book  “Towards an Architecture”….the “Architectural volumes”

Notice…. both buildings are Characterized by  basic volumes shapes,  this is Le Corbusier’s “Architectural volumes strategy”

Le Corbusier’s quote About  the “Preliminary shapes”;   Preliminary shapes are beautiful because they are read clearly….Architecture is not making any Longer simple shapes” 

Preliminary shapes” can be your inspiration and generate a planning process  that  enriches your floors plans design.

Look at next examples ….You can get an impression how the “Preliminary shapes strategy” is reflected in le Corbusir’s and Hejduk’s floor plans

Le corbusier’s typical “floor plan

for the “cite the refuge” –1929

John Hejduk’s   project for “One-half House” 1966

From Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012 –  learning from le corbusier’s book “Towards an Architecture”…. the “Preliminary shapes”

Notice…. both floor plans are characterized by Preliminary  shapes,  this is Le Corbusier’s Preliminary shapes strategy”

Is Le corbusier’s typical floor plan for the “cite the refuge” ……..  Hejduk’s inspiration source? 

Hejduk is not the only one that implements in his floor plans design the “Preliminary shapes strategy”  ….look at  Louis kahn’s  typical Floor plan….shown in the next image ….

this is Louis kahn’s  famous  National Assembly Building in Bangladesh

Notice…. the floor plans is characterized by preliminary shapes,  this is Le Corbusier’s Preliminary shapes strategy”

Louis Kahn architect

National Assembly Building of Bangladesh

  Typical floor plan….

for more information Arch Daily

The five “HOWS” of the “Conscious Inspiration Method”  The ultimate inspiration methodology

1. How to filter out relevant Knowledge from the Web with abundance of information?

2. How to develop your own architectural Vision?

3. How to choose the right “Inspiration Sources” that empowers your Vision?

4. How to develop your personal Design tools?

5. How to use your “Inspiration Sources” as the “Planning Process Generator”, and design high quality and creative architecture?


“Conscious Inspiration” – to be inspired consciously….


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