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Daniel Libeskind , Coop Himmelb(l)au & Iakov Georgievich Chernikhov – so that is how “Conscious Inspiration” works?

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Are  Iakov Chernikhov’s, constructivist designs, the Inspiration Sources for two of the leading deconstructivist architects of the 21 century?

Iakov Chernikhov was a constructivist architect and graphic designer. He lived from 1889 to 1951.

He published books with his innovative constructivist architectural design in Leningrad between 1927 and 1933  (See the pictures below)

For you to judge….

Iakov Chernikhov constructivist architect and graphic designer

Architectural design

 published between 1927 and 1933

Daniel Libeskind Architect

 Royal Ontario Museum

competition:2002-completion: 2007

Iakov Chernikhov constructivist architect and graphic designer

 Architectural design

published between 1927 and 1933

Architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. founder, architect Wolf D. Prix

 ,Ohio, Akron

Akron Art Museum. 2007 

eliinbar Sketches 2012  Daniel Libeskind , Coop Himmelb(l)au & Iakov Georgievich Chernikhov 


What are Constructivist teaching methods? (“Conscious Inspiration Method”)

 1. Constructivist teaching theoretical framework holds that learning always builds upon knowledge that we already know.

 2. Constructivist learning theory says that all knowledge is constructed from a base of prior knowledge.

 3. Constructivists suggest that learning is more effective when we are actively engaged in the learning process.

 4. We learn how to learn, by giving the training to take initiative from our own learning experiences.

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Architecture – The Sculpted decade

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Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 – Architecture – The Sculpted decade

New Year it is time for summations….

The last decade is by far the most sculptural decade in recent years.

Here is a brief overview of the typical types of sculptural

You are invited to add your own ideas…. 

In my next posts I will give a close look into the sources of inspiration of the various types of sculptural buildings.

“Plastelina sculpted buildings”

Zaha Hadid Architec with Patrik Schumacher

Cultural Centre and Opera House in Dubai

 published 2008

“wrapped Sculpted buildings”

Frank Gehry Architect

Experience Music Project, Seattle Center


”Materialistic sculpted buildings”

Thom Mayne Los Angeles firm Morphosis

 Sciences Building of Cooper Union college in

New York. 2009

“Prisma sculpted buildings”

architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.

 founder, architect Wolf D. Prix

 Ohio, Akron  Akron Art Museum  2007

crystal Sculpted buildings” 

Daniel Libeskind Architect

Royal Ontario Museum

 competition:2002-completion: 2007

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Daniel Libeskind’s Inspiration Sources & “The Crystal Buildings”

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From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011,

Daniel Libeskind’s Inspiration Sources & “The Crystal Buildings”

Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

In This Post I will share with you some of Daniel Libskind’s “Inspiration Sources

The unique design of the Jewish Museum in Berlin

Is the result of Libeskind‘s inspirations sources. 

Libeskind, a musician himself, took inspiration from music and considered the museum the final act of Arnold Schoenberg’s unfinished opera.

Moses und Aron . Walter Benjamin’s One Way Street’s 60 sections determined the number of sections that comprise the museum’s zigzag section

Daniel Libeskind Architect

the Jewish Museum

Berlin,Germany 1988-1999


Libeskind’s inspiration source when planning his first “Crystal Building” = The Royal Ontario Museum, was the museum’s mineral collection.

Daniel Libeskind Architec

Royal Ontario Museum

 Ontario Canada 2002-2006

What were Libeskind’s, inspiration sources   when planning the next four “Crystal Buildings”?

Daniel Libeskind Architect Dún Laoghaire Harbour “landmark building”Competition, Published October 2003

Daniel Libeskind Architect

 Dún Laoghaire Harbour “landmark building”

Competition , Published October 2003


Daniel Libeskind Architect

Denver art museum Denver,Colorado

opened in October 2006

Daniel Libeskind Architect

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Hong Kong

complete the building in 2010

Daniel Libeskind Architect

 Military History Museum

expected to be completed in 2011.

Eliinbar sketches 2011, Daniel Libeskind  & “The Crystal Buildings”

What did I learn from this post?

Architects often invent or choose their characteristics “Tool Box” somewhere in their career.

A “Tool Box” Can be an architecture style or an individual unique interpretation.

For axemple:

1.Deconstructivism Architecture, (Daniel Libskind Architect).

2.Postmodenism Architecture, (Michael Graves Architect)

3.Brutalism Architecture ,(Paul Rudolph Architect)

Is an Architecture Style can be the Architect’s  “Inspiration Sources”?


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