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Le Corbusier & Herzog de Meuron “Past continuous” Inspiration

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I  recently visited Le Corbusier foundation site
It shows all the projects planned and carried out by Le Corbusier.

I came across two interesting examples of “Conscious Inspiration” 

The foundation WEB page:

I will show one example in this post  and
the second in the next…. 

Le Corbusier and  Pierre Jeanerette Architects  desigend for Nestlé an exhibition pavilion for removable Fair in Paris in 1928. Pierre Jeanneret is mainly in charge of this study and adopts a metal frame covered with sheet metal. The facades and interiors are plate glass or wood sanded.

Le Corbusier Pierre Jeanerette Architects

Nestlé Pavilion

Paris, France, 1927- 1928


The Ricola Europe SA Factory and Storage Building in Mulhouse-Brunstatt, France, of 1993 also has distinctive exterior walls that are made of translucent polycarbonate panels, a common industrial building material, which allows light to filter through. Using a silkscreen process, these panels are printed with a repetitive plant motif (based on a photograph by Karl Blossfeldt) that becomes less visible as daylight diminishes and assumes the characters of a more substantial material than polycarbonate.


Herzog & de Meuron Architects  the SA factorybuilding Ricola

with the “Auskragenden” cantilever roof slab and the” Transluzenten” front

  Brunstatt, France 1992-1994


from eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011 



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