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Morphosis “Floor plan strategy”

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From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 Morphosis’s Floor plan strategy

Frank Gehry and the Morphosis architecture firm are Identified by their “sculptural buildings” (you are invited to sea my posts about The “Sculpted decade”)

In my previous posts  I presented Frank Gehry’s  “floor plan strategy”.

He designs  complex sculptural buildings in reasonable budgets and without compromising with their planning needs.

In this post I will show another successful “floor plan strategy”, of an important member in the prestigious group of sculpt architects….Thom Mayne  founder of Los Angeles firm Morphosis.

Below is shown,  a typical floor plan of the Sciences Building of Cooper Union college in New York designed by the Morphosis firm.

Now look at the picture below, are the square floor plan above and the building in the picture below,  the same building?

Thom Mayne founder of  Los Angeles firm Morphosis

Sciences Building of Cooper Union college

 in New York. 2009

 they are basically the  same building.
the section below explains Morphosis’s “floor plan strategy”…. 
A building designed out from the core

A typical section of the Sciences Building of Cooper Union college in New York designed by the Morphosis firm

As Thom Mayne is cited in

We literally designed out from the core, always keeping in mind that the building should be as strong and innovative as the institution itself.”

Eliinbar sketches 2012  Morphosis’s Floor plan strategy


So Morphosis “floor plan  strategy” is now clear….  

1. Simple cube-shaped building with an Interior core designed by the principles of the “sponge concept” (you are invited to sea my post about Steven Holl’s “sponge concept”).

2. And a sculptural façade created by a steel screen fluctuates in its offset from the cube. (You are invited to sea my post about the three dimensional “Mashrabiya Envelopes” and some other of my relevant posts listed at the end).

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Thom Mayne founder of  Los Angeles firm Morphosis

Sciences Building of Cooper Union college

a computerized image of the core


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