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Le Corbusier Is probably the “Conscious Inspiration” Father, but without doubt, Rem Koolhaas is the Contemporary Inspiration Source for leading architects

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Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2014 ,Rem Koolhaas and SANAA Typology of a Shifted Buildings

From Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2014– Rem Koolhaas and SANAA Typology of a Shifted Buildings


After a long break, I’m back.. Business as usual .. Nothing new under the sun.

Today’s post will be the first of a series, inquiring whether one of the leading architectural firms in the world, office of Architecture OMA led by Rem Koolhaas, is a popular Inspiration Sources among leading architects today.

Each post will introduce a building designed by  Rem Koolhaas . I will identify the building main configuration, and its origins. Then I will unfold some buildings, we can identify characteristics indicating they were influenced  by Rem Koolhaas   .

In other words,  Rem Koolhaas’s  buildings, most likely were their Inspiration Source

The Inspiration Source

This is the new De Rotterdam complex a “vertical city” in Rotterdam completed in 2013

Designed By office of Architecture OMA led by Rem Koolhaas

Commission 1997, groundbreaking December 2009, completion November 2013


  Rem Koolhaas’s quote published in DEZEEN :

a building that consists of separate volumes that were slightly shifted vis-a-vis each other

The main configuration

 Here is a sketch I made, that explains the principles of the typology of a Shifted Buildings

Typology of a Shifted Buildings

The origins

 And this building  is Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” built in the USA in 1934 . this building is probably one of the known examples of  Shifted Buildings.

 Frank Loyd  Whrite's “Falling Water”

 Frank Lloyd Wright- “Falling Water”

Plans, sections and elevations

Frank Loyd  Whrite's “Falling Water”  Plans, sections and elevations

 Note that the principle of shifting is expressed in plans, sections and elevations

Conscious Inspiration today

This is a Museum built lately in NewYork City,designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.

 Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa are partners in the Japanese architectural firm SANAA.

 SANAA has won the 2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the profession’s highest honor.

SANAA received the commission of this Museum in 2002 and completion was in 2007


SANAA‘s Museum is a multi purpose buildings with an ambitious program a dramatic stack of seven rectangular boxes.

The following video explains well the museum main configuration

Of shifted boxes.

What do the architects have to say?

This is how Rem koolhaas describes the main  configuration of the De Rotterdam complex: “a building that consists of separate volumes that were slightly shifted vis-a-vis each other



And this is SANAA’s description for the  museum in New York: “We knew we could not maximize the entire site with solid architecture, we had to reduce the building’s mass somehow to create space between it and the perimeter. The solution of the shifted boxes arrived quickly”.

From New Building Museume



Notice that Rem Koolhaas and SANAA are using the same basic notions to describe their buildings: “shifted volumes / boxes“.

Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2014 ,Rem Koolhaas and SANAA Typology of a Shifted Buildings

 From Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2014– Rem Koolhaas and SANAA Typology of a Shifted Buildings



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Eliinbar's sketches

 Rem Koolhaas & MVRDV-”Conscious Inspiration”5


Here are some more contemporary buildings,designed by the same principle of SHIFTING TYPOLOGY….OMA’s De Rotterdam complex most likely is their Inspiration Source

– Building_Blocks_by_psion005

 sanjay  puri architect   דובאי


Shifted Buildings q_65_g_8_c_n_p__picsnews_665071




-atelier- UID Architects      Osaka

garrison architects

hamburg science centre  OMA


thumb  August, 2008

בנינים מדורגים





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Bjarke Ingels and SANAA are Joining forces and paving the way to the…. unbelievable “Conscious Inspiration” building

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From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012, SANAA and the “Shifted Buildings Trend”

Just unbelievable….

On a regular basis I introduced in this blog, a variety of “Conscious Inspiration” examples.

This time,  I came across the ultimate example of the “Conscious inspiration building”……

or maybe not….

For you to judge….

The next building undoubtedly is an honorary member in the privileges group of the “Shifted buildings”

 Saraiva & Associados Arquitectura Urbanismo

 proposal  for the Two Towers project

competition in China 2011 

for more information visit  ARCHDAILY.COM

The  Saraiva & Associados Arquitectura Urbanismo’s  proposal  for the Two Towers project  has a Typology that is  identified  with the “Shifted Buildings Trend

For more information and a lot of examples for the ” Shifted Buildings” see my next sketch , and visit my previous post “Typology of Shifted Buildings  – “Conscious Inspiration

from  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2010  SANAA and the  “Shifted Buildings Trend”

A calculate guess …. Like most of the Shifted buildings

Probably Saraiva & Associados Arquitectura Urbanismo  are inspired by the SANAA’s very familiar Museum of Contemporary Art, in New York ….shown in the next image.

SANAA Architects

Museum of Contemporary Art

New York City 2002– 2007

For more information visit  ARCHDAILY.COM

Now lets See the next clip….this is a clip representing

 Saraiva & Associados Arquitectura Urbanismo’s  design strategies….

Does It seems familiar? ….Did you recognize the architect’s design strategies?

Well… Saraiva & Associados Arquitectura Urbanismo’s  design strategies, look  in the video clip exactly like  BIG’s Augmented reality design strategy

For more information about BIG’s “Augmented reality design strategy” (emphasizing the building’s morphology planning given the weather conditionslooks at the viewtraffic systems, etc.) see  my next sketch, and visit my previous post “Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG….how they do it?”

A warm recommendation…. Locate presentations showing  BIG’s “Augmented reality design strategy”  in YouTube

Here is one I like …. 

From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 , BIG’s architects “Augmented reality design strategy

What did I learn from this post?

Architects have varied inspiration Sources ….

The first type of inspiration is basic and common ….I call it the “Visual Inspiration” Easy to identify, and characterized by architectural trends.  (Like the “Shifted buildings” trend)

The second type of inspiration is based on research…. I call it the “Design Strategy Inspiration”. It requires knowledge and analytical skills. (Like BIG’s architects “Augmented reality design strategy”)

Recently, colleagues encouraged me to publish a “very small book”, With a collection of common planning strategies, explained through my sketches….

What do you think about it?


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More examples of buildings inspired by the

Shifted Buildings Trend

Believe me,  there are much more….