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Bjarke Ingels ,Zaha Hadid and SANAA are getting inspired Consciously from Steven Holl’s “Sponge Concept”.

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From  eliinbar’s sketch book 2010 – The evolution of the Steven Holl’s “Sponge Concept”

Somewhere in the 90’, Steven Holl studied a new morphological design notion…..The “Menger Sponge” 

The next image is a concept model showing the ““Menger Sponge

And this is  Steven Holl’s  Sarphatistraat offices

Steven Holl Architects

 Sarphatistraat offices

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  1996 – 2000

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It seems as if  Steven Holl’s exterior design, was inspired by the “Menger sponge”….Notice the largest square openings in the center of each facade.

One Year later Steven Holl designed the Simmons Hall and implemented his “Sponge Concept” design strategy ….

Steven Holl’s Sketch showing a typical Simmons hall’s vertical section 1999-2002

Note the vertical shapeless spaces in Steven Holl’s sketch, colored in white.

A reasonable assumption ….Steve Holl’s inspiration source is

The unique structure of a “sponge”

And the next image, is Steven Holl‘s Simmons hall in MIT Cambridge USA 1999-2002

Notice the inspiration effect of the “Menger Sponge” on Steven Holl’s Facades..

Notice also the external expression of the “sponge Concept “…. the “amoeba shaped” openings.


Two years later Steven Holl designed a building for Nanning ,China  and once more he implements the “Sponge Concept” design strategy ….

Steven Holl Architect

Sketch for Nanning 2002

Well ….is this a “Sponge Building” or not?

And this is Zaha Hadid’s King Abdullah II House of Culture and Art , inspired by the “Sponge Concept”design strategy

Zaha Hadid  Architect

King Abdullah II House of Culture and Art

Amman 2010

And this is Bjarke Ingels’s Ted Building , inspired by the “Sponge Concept” design strategy

Bjarke Ingels Architect (BIG)

Ted Building

Taiwan – Competition  2010

  eliinbar’s sketch 2010 – getting inspired consciously ……..from Steven Holl’s  “Sponge Concept”.

This is the last building…….. but it’s not the end of the list

What do you say about the Rolex Learning Center designed by SANAA Architects ….Is it another building inspired by the “Sponge Concept” design strategy?

SANAA  Architects

Rolex Learning Center

Lausanne, Switzerland 2004-2010

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Expo 2010-Republic of Korea Pavilion-Multi Inspirations Building

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Overview – Mass  Studies Architects _ Republic of korea-pavilion_shanghai_expo-2010



Mass  Studies Arcitect _ Republic of Korea Pavilion _ Expo 2010









Steven Holl Architect _ Simmons Hall _ Kambridg _ USA _ 2002



Mass Studies Architects _ Republic of  korea- pavilion_shanghai_expo-2010








          Steven Holl  Architect _ Horizontal Skyscraper _ Vanke Center _ Chenzehn  china _ 2006-2009



The third source of  inspiration:



Mass-Studies Architects _ Republic of Korean Pavilion _ Shanghai -Expo-2010








                                     Jean Nouvel Architect _ Torre  Agbar _ Barcelona _ 2009-2010