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Rem Koolhaas the “Spiritual father” and REX Architects (Joshua Prince-Ramus) …. “To be there is not in the air”….

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Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

In a previous post, I claimed that Rem Koolhaas is the “Spiritual father”,Of a successful young group of architects working today (BIG , REX , MVRDV , FREE)


We all want to be like them ….young, successful, Creative and innovative architects….

How can we get there?


In this post I will try to convince you that there is a method to get there….

And I call this method, the “conscious inspiration Method


To be there is not in the air….

I will try to illustrate my point by the following example.

A building designed by the successful architectural firm REX possession by Joshua Prince-Ramus …..One of the talented followers of Rem Koolhaas

What really makes the difference between “another building”, and a winning project?

I can suggest an answer …. Let’s  learn how to get “inspired consciously“.

First step:  don’t be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings

 Look at the following example

This is an external image of the Wyly Theatre showing Rem Koolhaas’s “Wrapper Strategy”….A transparent skin encompasses an assemblage of structurally independent volumes

And this is an external Image of the CLC & MSFL TOWERS designed by REX Architects and Joshua Prince-Ramus

 eliinbar’s sketch 2012–  don’t be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings….

Notice the similar design strategy (especially in the lower part of the building)…. A rectangular structure with a transparent skin encompasses an assemblage of structurally independent volumes.

The Wyly Theatre is the “relevant building”,

REX Architects and Joshua Prince-Ramus , had chosen to be inspired from it consciously.

I learned in a previous post of mine, that architects have varied inspiration sources ….

The first type of inspiration is basic and common ….I call it the “Visual Inspiration” Easy to identify, and characterized by architectural trends , shown in the previous images.. .

The second type of inspiration is based on research…. I call it the “Design Strategy Inspiration”. It requires knowledge and analytical skills.


Second step: You should not be intimidated to get inspired from “Design Strategies” of successful architects

Here are the design strategies REX Architects and Joshua Prince-Ramus had chosen to be inspired from…all design strategies are inspired from Rem Koolhaas the “Spiritual father


The explanations and images are taken from REX’s site

Thank you Joshua Prince-Ramus ,for sharing your “Designs Strategies

It will also be interesting to visit my previous post and learn more about Rem koolhaas’s “Design Strategies”

1.the  “Augmented reality strategy”

The ideal office blocks are raised to the planning regulation’s height limit

2.The “Stacking Diagram design Strategy”

3. The “Environment strategy”

The two towers are shifted to make the best possible daylighting relationships between them and their neighbors, and are sheathed in vertical fins of aluminum (CLC) and stone (MSFL) for self-shading and glare control.

…to maximize their property value, views, daylight, and iconographic potential

4. The “Wrap a Schema strategy”

To clearly understand the “Wrap a Schema strategy” visit my post showing Bjarke Ingels and other talented architects” Wrapped buildings“.

 eliinbar’s sketch 2012 – Design Strategies of successful architects


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Rem Koolhaas the inspirational “spiritual father”….

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In this Post we will see….  “Conscious Inspiration” exists at  best “families”

This is the “Conscious Inspiration” short story of two OMA’s graduates: BIG (Bjarke Ingels) and REX (Joshua Prince-Ramus) 


Like in all good families there are mutual influences….

Look at the buildings designed lately by REX and BIG architects in Seoul City , shown in the next images

for you to judge….

REX architects  Project R6

 apartments  building

Yongsan International Business District of Seoul, South Korea  2012-2016

Bjarke Ingels group- BIG  architects

cross # towers Seoul , korea

published 2012


Eliinbar’s Sketches 2012 – BIG’s & REX’s “Stacking Diagram design Strategy”….

It is noticeable for the observer…. most likely, BIG’s and REX’s  source of  inspiration is the “Stacking Diagram design Strategy” developed by the “spiritual fatherRem Koolhaas….but they do it”consciously 

What do I mean by doing it “consciously”?

 The “Conscious Inspiration Method”  is about bringing something of your self.

 REX for example, morphologically gets inspired from theStacking Diagram design Strategy but they add their own Interpretation….They design large inner courtyard garden that apartments will overlook it from within the tower’s upper storeys.

For more information about REX’s  Project R6 go to DEZEEN.COM

You are invited to visit my relevant post, Rem-Koolhaas-they-were-all-my-sons: BIG, MVRDV,REX,FREE-and learn more about the“Inspiration Sources” of BIG and REX  and the “stacking Diagram design Strategy .

This is an Eliinbar’s sketch  from the “stacking Diagram design Strategy post….On the left, a project designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV for the “Berlin Voids competition”, on the right REX’s Museum Plaza …….

Are MVRDV’s “Berlin Voids competition” the inspiration origins of the “stacking Diagram design Strategy”?


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A “small talk” about “Conscious inspiration”

With the methodology of “conscious Inspiration”, we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.

Be inspired consciously from existing buildings, and you will experience a unique design process that will serve your creative desires….

But first we must develop our “TOOLS” or in other words, our” Codex rules”…. 

In my previous posts I published numerous “Design Strategies” = “TOOLS” ”= “Codex rules”, of talent and well known architects

You are invited to visit my previous posts and learn more about  ”Codex rules” of leading architects like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, Morphosis and others….


 Here is a short list of my previous posts , Presenting the “Design Strategies” = TOOLS” ”= “Codex rules” of leading architects

1. Zaha Hadid & Frank Lloyd Wright ….Do aspirations for reality begins in our drawings?

 2. Morphosis “Floor plan strategy”

 3. Learning from Frank Gehry ….Chapter 1 ,His Design Tools

 4. Learning from Frank Gehry ….Chapter 2  His floor plan Strategy

 5. Learning from Frank Gehry .  ….Chapter 3 – the “Clinging Statue Strategy”

6. Learning from Zaha Hadid

7. Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG….how they do it?

Once we develop our “TOOLS”=”Codex rules”, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.


What do say about gathering all the leading architects “Codex rules” ,in a “very small book”?