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OMA is Rem Koolhaas’s way for living a parallel life between the theory and practice of architecture.

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 Eliinbar Sketchbook 2012 - OMA and Rem Koolhaas’s parallel life between the theory and practice of architecture

From Eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 – OMA and Rem Koolhaas’ parallel life between the theory and practice of architecture

In every direction I check….eventually all roads lead to OMA.

This post Is about one of the most Inspirational architecture firms working today….  MVRDV.

Maas and Van Rijs, two of MVRDV founding members, worked at OMA.

The next image is a housing complex designed by MVRDV in 1999…It’s called the FLYING VILLAGE (Villa Voladora –In Vienna, Austria)


Notice the Main characteristics of this structure….

A three dimension curved slab with a dominant green terrace

Five years later (2004) the contemporary architectural firm SANAA, design the Rolex Learning Center, at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

SANAA maquette OK.indd

Notice the three dimension curved slab with a dominant green terrace….

It is hard to ignore the morphological similarity between MVRDV’s and SANAA’s  projects.

 Eliinbar Sketchbook 2012 - OMA and Rem Koolhaas’s parallel life between the theory and practice of architecture

From Eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 –  Conscious Inspiration


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But the story begins long before….

What are the origins of this architecture approach?

What is the justification for the huge financial effort required to build the  Rolex Learning Center?

What is the added value that the user gets for this effort?

Well in this blog I do not deal with these questions….

The questions that concern me are….

What were the sources of inspiration that eventually generated these structures?

I think that “Inspiration” or “Copy Paste” are the most dominant phenomenon of the 21st century among architects.

 Most likely the “availability of information” enables the existence of the phenomenon.

 The abundance of information in the Web affects us all…. I present it every week here ….We saw more than once ….The differences between “Conscious Inspiration” and “copy paste” are not so big….

 And that is exactly what I intend to clarify and understand in this blog.

 I believe that the natural development of architecture design is based on inspiration techniques ….I call them “Codex Rules”.


And finally I strive to develop a method.

 A method that will help architects and designers to cope with this phenomenon…. At this point in time, I call it the “Conscious Inspiration Method” ….

 With the methodology of “conscious Inspiration”, we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.  Once we develop our tools =“Codex Rules”, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.

Let’s see how the “Conscious Inspiration” works for SANAA….


Conscious Inspiration” is first of all the understanding of the importance of “knowledge”…. as many said, and wrote before knowledge is the foundation for all designing process. We architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis….

The buildings Presented in the next images is in my opinion, the “Knowledge”, that was the inspiration base for The Rolex Learning Center


Oscar Niemeyer Architect

 University of Constantine auditorium

Algeria 1968


from  Eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011


MVRDV Architects

Villa VPRO

 Hivesum  The Netherlands  1993


from Eliinbar’s sketches 2010


Rem Koolhaas Architect

 Campus Center for the

University of Utrecht   1997


Eliinbar’s sketches 2010

“Inspiration Source”

MVRDV’s Villa Voladora designed in 1999 ,showen in the next image is in my opinion, SANAA’s “Inspiration Source”



And the building in the next image is SANAA’s

Rolex Learning Center, desined in 2004

What do you think was  SANAA’s invention ?

SANAA maquette OK.indd


From Eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 –  Conscious Inspiration

Oscar Niemeyer once said You need to find an original way to think and to be informed about everything daily“. 

 To illustrate to you that he knows something about architecture

 I recommend you watch the following video showing a new building designed by OSCAR NIEMEYER

 An architect over the age of 100

The building is called puerto de la musica’…. Worth seeing to the end