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Le Corbusier – five points of Architecture – the Japanese Conscious Inspiration interpretation

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From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011

Here is an interesting Conscious Inspiration interpretation of the Japanese architecture practice ON design partners to Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture. 

Japanese architecture practice ON design partners designed a two-storey residential complex for young artists. 

The design elevates the living units to sit above a semi public courtyard which serves as a multifunctional place for exhibitions, work, and socializing.

 Nishida Osamu + Nakagawa Erika / ON design partners

 yokohama apartment

 published in designboom 07.28.11

Le  Corbusier Architect

Villa Savoye outskirts of Paris, France

 built between 1928 and 1931 (A manifesto of Le Corbusier’s “five points” of new architecture)

Eliinbar sketches 2011 “Conscious Inspiration”

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Le  Corbusier’s ,Villa Savoye – Ground plan

 ON design partners yokohama apartment  – Ground plan

Le  Corbusier’s  Villa Savoye – First floor

ON design partners yokohama apartment  – First floor