Oscar Niemeyer in Israel Part one

Oscar Niemeyer, was invited by Abba Hushi, the mayor of Haifa, Israel, to plan the campus of the University of Haifa, He Stayed in Israel From 1959 to 1964.

Among the projects designed by Niemeyer during his stay in Israel are the

University of Haifa (it was finally the architect Shlomo Gilad who Performed it).

A plan to “kikar Amedina” Square in Tel Aviv ,who the architects Abba Elhanani and Israel lotan Performed it

Nordia  Project where The  Project of the “Dizengoff Center” in Tel Aviv Was built .

The “city of Negev”- designed at the heart of the Negev.

“Panorama” Project at the Carmel Haifa  (where are today the Panorama towers).

and several private homes that were not  built.


Oscar Niemeyer Architect

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Brasilia

designed at the fifties


Arye Elhanani Architect

Great Tel Aviv Synagogue Israel

renovation 1969

 In 1969, in order to revive the old structure of the synagogue and to suit the spirit of the time, there was a massive  renovations, architect Arye Elhanani added to the building ” Oscar Niemeyer’s arcs” to have the character of the modernist Style.

Eliinbar’s sketches 2011


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