Extrovert inspiration

 Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

Le Corbusiers’ quote defining ,what is a house : A house is a machine for living in….

Recently I came across a number of public buildings that Invite  the  public to climb on  them ….

Pyramid  El Castillo in Chichen Itzan  Mexico was built between 9th and 12th centuries by the pre-Colombian Maya ,and is designed to allow the public to get on it….


Maybe   El Castillo pyramid  was the source of inspiration for some recent designed buildings….


Snohetta Architects

 Oslo Opera House

 Norway 2003-2007


Polish Pavilion

 Shanghai Expo 2010


Danish Pavilion

Shanghai Expo 2010


Barnaskoni Architect

 Perm Museum

 Perm Russia competition winners 2010 




Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar



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4 Responses to “Extrovert inspiration”

  1. Also the library at Delft NL by Mecanoo fits in your series
    Delft Technical University Library

    My own pictures of architecture and other intersting stuff do you find on:

  2. Corbusier’s Palace of the Soviets Competition Entry also emphasized ramps that were designed to carry large masses of people to foyers in, around and over the buildings. Corbu deemed this a necessary tool for circulation through the lobbies of large auditoria and community gathering spaces.

    • eliinbar Says:

      Thanks for your comment
      Corbusier’s Palace of the Soviets Competition Entry
      Is a good candidate to be the inspiration source to the
      “buildings that Invite the public to climb on them “

      Eli Inbar

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