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Le Corbusier and the double message of the Conscious Inspiration

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Here is Le Corbusier’s thought-provoking quote, published in his book “Towards Architecture“, in the early 20’s of the last century

The iron and cement  during the last fifty years brought achievements , indicating the powerful of construction, but also architecture that its code is disrupted

? What was Le corbusier‘s message when he wrote this phrase

It is possible to interpret Le corbusier’s  message literally

Architects failed to take advantage correctly ,of new construction technologies that were developed at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century

I think Le Corbusier wanted to  send us a message bit different

:That is how I understand, le Corbusier’s message 

 Since its birth, the architectural bases itself on the guiding principles

    These principles serves the needs of the primary users, we all

?Where do we find the guiding principles

We finde the guiding principles in existing buildings

 Architects failed to take advantage correctly ,of new construction technologies because they did not base their new designs on Inspiring buildings

 Instead of learning the guiding principles that have evolved over the centuries, they choose to skip this legacy, and reinvent the wheel

 This architecture does not serve us

 I can suggest a name to Le corbusier’s message , I would call  it Conscious Inspiration

Here Is an interesting example , Le Corbusier has published in his book Towards Architecture

This example shows us how “Conscious Inspiration” works for Le Corbusier

Here are the four Conscious Inspiration steps, who led Corbusier to high quality and creative architecture

First step–  le Corbusier choose the right “Inspiration Sources” that empowers his vision,  guiding principles = Outlining guidelines


Second step– this is one of Le Corbusier’s first buildings. le Corbusier implements consciously the principals of the “Outlining guidelines” in a building characterized by periodical architectural characteristics   


Third step – le Corbusier develops his own personal design tools =five points of architecture / Maison Domino



Le Corbusir’s five points of architecture – Eliinbar sketches 2011

Fourth step- le Corbusier use his inspiration sources as the “Planning Process Generator”, he combines the tools developed and design high quality creative architecture, The building shown in the next image is a completely radical design compared to buildings which are being built at the time



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Le Corbusier – Les maisons Domino

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le Corbusier _  Maison a’ Stuttgart _ 1927

MVRDV Architects _ Dutch Pavilion _ EXPO 2000 _ Hanover – Germany _ 2000

David Chipperfield Architect _  America’s Cup Pavilion _  Valencia _ 2005-6

Herzog de Meuron Architects _ Car Park _ Miami _ USA _ 2008

Eliinbar sketches 2011

Here is a very short video that my youngest son photographed, my daughter edited and the eldest son chose the background music, documenting , the preparation process of a sketch.

They called it “ Sketch is born”

music by Nicolas Jaar

You are invited to visit my new Inspiration Sketch Gallery (ISG) in ETSY

 Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar


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